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Here are 4 types of skiing you can learn

When most people hear the word skiing, they immediately picture the thrilling winter sports activity that involves going down mountain slopes at really high speeds. It’s however worth a reminder that there are a number of different activities that involve skiing. Therefore if you are considering getting into skiing for fun or as a sport, it’s a good idea to familiarize yourself with the different types of skiing.

We take a look at the 4 types of skiing you can learn.

Alpine Skiing

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This is probably the type of skiing that many people are familiar with as it’s the skiing that involves skiers gliding down snow covered alpines using long skis. This is a professional sport but it can also be done as a fun activity and is mainly a favorite for thrill seekers. It’s one of the winter sports that is really growing in popularity and is also an Olympic sport.

Cross-country skiing

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Cross-country skiing is typically referred to by the name Nordic skiing because it originated in Norway. It’s interesting to note that before this type of skiing became a popular sport and a fun recreational activity, it was used as a means of transport by the people of Norway. The difference between cross-country skiing and alpine skiing is that it’s done on flat terrains and not on slopes.

Freestyle skiing

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As the name would suggest, the freestyle type of skiing is more inclined to the performance of tricks and stunts therefore it is for a very niche group of skiers. It has quickly grown to become a popular professional sport that is enjoyed both on outdoor slopes and on indoor skiing arenas. With freestyle skiing, it’s the skier with the ability to pull off the best tricks who usually carries the day. It’s however important to mention that this particular type of skiing has been considered by many to be unsafe mostly due to the high risk of injury when doing it.


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Well! Skiing doesn’t just take place on ice, as water is also a great place to enjoy it. This is where waterskiing comes in. As opposed to the snow based skiing where skiers rely on gravity and their ski gear to propel themselves, in water skiing it’s a boat that offers propulsion to the skier as they are tagged to it by a towline which enables them skim at speeds of up to 20 miles/hrthrough a water surface. It can be a large river, a lake or the ocean. Just in case you are thinking about trying it, first make sure that you are a really good swimmer.

From the above choices you realize you have quite a number of options on the different types of skiing you can learn. All in all, it’s always a good idea to try them all before making a decision on which ones suit you best.

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