Help people with disabilities enjoy the thrill of snowsports

Fiona Young, Disability Snowsport UK’s Chief Executive Officer, is busy training to take part in a gruelling fundraising event this October.

The 14th Annual Peak to Peak Pedal (P2P14) will take her from the mountain peaks of the San Bernardino Mountains in California, through the Owens valley to the peaks of the Sierras, finishing at Mammoth Mountain.

She aims to complete the event in just over 5 days, covering approximately 355 miles and and by doing this she is hoping to raise £10,000 to help offset the subsidies for Disability Snowsport UK’s activity weeks for the 2009 season.

She is determined that costs for activity weeks with Disability Snowsport UK are kept as low as possible and says, “if that means 5 days of torture – so be it!!”

A small amount of the money raised will be going to the US adaptive programme in Big Bear as they are organising the event, however Fiona will be covering all her own costs.

If you would like to help people with disabilities enjoy the thrill the snowsport then please sponsor Fiona at:

About Disability Snowsport UK

DSUK is a people-centred organisation with a unique sense of purpose: that anyone regardless of their disability can take part in and enjoy the thrill of snowsport.

For nearly 30 years they have applied exceptional know-how and adaptability to enable those with a disability to experience the joy of skiing alongside the able-bodied.

They provide exciting and life enhancing activities for individuals or groups who require Adaptive equipment and/or special instruction and support including. They do this through their adaptive snowsport school in Scotland, local groups, schools and youth programmes. They support the British Disabled Ski Team and they provide training for instructors, volunteers and ski centre staff.

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